Why You Should Make A Living Will

Make A Living Will

Illness or injury may often arise from a state of incapacity. In such a circumstance, you may not be in a position to make your own decisions. Expressing your choices about your future care in writing, while you are capable, can help ensure your wishes are respected. We can help you Make A Living Will.

While Ontario law does not use the term “Living Will” it is often referred to as an Advance Directive and enables your attorneys for personal care to be aware of your wishes and directives. It is a legal document that contains your wishes about your care, housing, and treatment when you do not have the capacity to make decisions for yourself.

Difference Between Advance Directive and Power of Attorney

An Advance Directive and Power of Attorney are not the same. In a Power of Attorney, you grant a specific person the right to make decisions on your behalf. In a Living Will or Advance Directive, you are simply stating preferences for medical treatment, cure, and related desires for when you are not able to make decisions for yourself, without having to name a specific person to follow those directions.

In many situations, an Advance Directive can be a part of a comprehensive Power of Attorney. These two documents together are called proxy directives.

Difference Between a Living Will and a Last Will & Testament?

The primary difference is that a Living Will is concerned with decisions for your health and welfare when you are alive, whereas a Last Will and Testament come into effect upon death. A Last Will and Testament does not document your wishes for your care before your death and deals with the distribution of your property after death.

Both Wills are supposed to be reviewed and revised for any changes in circumstances, relationships, and opinions.

How We Can Help

With a Living Will, you can ensure that your choices are honored when you are incapacitated. In this scenario, your treatment and cure will not be left to chance.
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