Business Visitors

Canada is full of opportunities for people wanting to do business. Each year, there are thousands of international business visitors and investors who visit Canada to discover new business interests or continue existing business relationships. In the Business Visa program, foreign nationals can visit Canada for a specified duration to advance their business interests with top-class Canadian companies.

Who Is A Business Visitor?

A business visitor comes to Canada:

  • To pursue new business opportunities and continue existing business activities
  • To interact with their Canadian counterparts in companies that have business ties with their company
  • To visit a Canadian company that has invited them for training purposes for sales, product development, and other associated business functions
  • To perform any business-related activities by not becoming a part of the Labor market in Canada
  • To take part in trade seminars, conferences
  • To explore business options and experience Canada’s culture and its tourist attractions

A business visa is not needed:

  • If a foreign national is employed by a Canadian company
  • If a foreign national is employed by an international company and sent to work in Canada

Eligibility Requirements For Business Visitor Visa

The basic eligibility requirements for the Business Visitor visa include:

  • Valid passport of the country of citizenship
  • Temporary Resident Visa for persons of designated countries
  • Agree to abide by all terms and conditions of entering Canada as laid down in Canadian law
  • Possess a clear criminal record
  • Possess medical clearance
  • Documentation to confirm that the applicant’s primary source of income and location are outside of Canada
  • Complete documentation regarding their intended plan of action once they enter Canada

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