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Immigrating to Canada can be challenging. With so many different immigration categories and extensive documentation to do, it can be overwhelming sometimes. In times like this, having an immigration attorney with exceptional legal expertise and vast experience can help. Pickford & Associate Immigration lawyers can take care of all your immigration and associated needs and requirements to ensure that the most successful outcomes occur. Immigration consultants can be your trusted partner in navigating the complex immigration landscape and resolving all the ingrained issues in Mississauga, Brampton, and Toronto.

Canadian immigration can be overwhelming due to the distinct immigration categories and legal documentation requirements. Canadian immigration lawyers with outstanding legal knowledge and extensive experience can help with your case. Pickford & Associate Lawyers have a team of skilled Canadian immigration lawyers who can handle all of your immigration-related needs and obligations, helping you navigate the complicated immigration landscape.

Why Should You Choose Pickford & Associate Lawyers?

  • Professionally Certified Professional immigration, refugee & citizenship lawyers and attorneys comprise our team who are all certified by the Law Society of Upper Canada. In addition, our Immigration Consultants are Regulated by the ICCRC (Immigration Consultant of Canada Regulatory Council). We stay aware of all the latest happenings and cases in the field, and that is reflected in our high-quality legal counsel.
  • Integrity is the one quality that is deeply embedded in our psyches. Each one of our team members maintains ethics and maintains legal and professional integrity in every sphere.
  • Vast Experience Established in 2003, Pickford & Associate Lawyers Professional Corporation has extensive legal experience. We have a consolidated legal experience of more than 150 years which significantly helps with legal insights and developing personalized legal plans for each of our clients.
  • Personalized attention We understand that each client and their immigration case is unique. Our lawyers take care to provide a personalized and specialized immigration service to each one of our clients which is fully integrated with their needs and specific situation. We serve our clients in diverse languages including Cantonese, Mandarin, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Gujarati, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian.
  • Comprehensive Legal Representation Our full-service law firm caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from individuals to small businesses, large enterprises to government organizations. Our lawyers possess expertise in immigration and other associated legal practices like real estate law, business law, family law, civil litigation, personal injury, and Wills and Estates. We will be able to help you with all your legal needs, including immigration.

To apply for and obtain permanent residency in Canada, there are many immigration streams including:

Family Sponsorship

IRCC, or Immigration, Refugees, and Citizen Canada, significantly prioritize family reunification or sponsorship. Family sponsorship in Canada refers to a process in which the Canadian government and IRCC allow an individual’s family members to migrate to Canada and live here as permanent citizens. It’s one of the most significant immigration categories in Canada, allowing permanent citizens or Canadian residents to use their immigration status to sponsor their family members for permanent residency in Canada.

Permanent Residence: Express Entry

Express Entry refers to a system in which international residents apply for immediate immigration to Canada. The online Express Entry system allows potential applicants to submit their profiles through the digital application and begin their process of permanent residency in Canada. The evaluation department employs unique selection criteria to allocate points to the applicants, allowing the highest-ranked applicants to finally apply for permanent residency in Canada.

Permanent Residence: Investment

Many persons use this immigration category of investment to apply for permanent residency in Canada. This is a specialized immigration program launched by the Government of Canada in the year 1986. It Majorly promoted with a view to increasing the immigration of people in business from across the world to Canada and helping increase Canada’s social and economic prosperity.

Stay In Canada

A foreign national can stay in Canada only under certain conditions. The person should be a permanent resident, a Canadian citizen, or should have a legal work permit to visit, work or study in Canada. If you are already in Canada as a visitor, student, or on a work permit, then you will need to ensure that your status is legal and valid at all times. It is essential that you apply for a renewal or a new work permit or visa before the existing one expires.

Study In Canada

Studying in Canada is an excellent option for international students, offering a wide range of benefits. The globally recognized Canadian schools guarantee a superior education for these students, providing them with the outstanding opportunity to build authentic and lifelong connections, reside in a multicultural environment, and acquire significant work experience that could potentially enhance and give them an edge in their permanent residency application. Once they obtain a study permit, they have a higher chance of qualifying for a post-secondary work permit. As a result, there are greater chances of staying in Canada after graduating from a Canadian school, allowing you to gain significant Canadian work experience. This work experience will play a pivotal role in making your permanent residence application successful.

Visit In Canada

Citizens from certain countries may need a visa to enter Canada. Foreign nationals from specified countries require an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) to enter Canada and don’t require a Temporary Resident Visa. Canada has a Temporary Resident Visa program that allows you to enter Canada legally for business or tourism purposes. In the Business Visa program, foreign nationals can visit Canada for a specified duration to advance their business interests with top-class Canadian companies. The Super Visa helps parents or grandparents to come to Canada and live for an extended duration without having to renew their status frequently.

Work In Canada

Any foreign national who wants to work in Canada must obtain a valid work permit. There are two kinds of work permits, open and closed. Choosing either of these work permits depends on the work permit holder’s employment type and the work restrictions applicable to them. It’s crucial that most foreign nationals apply for and acquire a valid work permit before they arrive in Canada. Furthermore, they must also obtain an entry visa before entering Canada. However, many employees can make a pre-arrangement with their Canadian employers in exceptional cases to apply for LMIA or Labour Market Impact Assessment.


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